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Hey, I'm Mindy.

I'm a graphic design / surface design freelancer currently stationed in Metro Manila, Philippines. 

My main work areas veer towards pattern design (with a slight edge towards nursery and junior), as my most recent work had been for David Textiles in Commerce, California, where I have worked both as an in-house and off-site textile / graphic designer (circa 2014 and ongoing until today).

My recent work also include brand designs, book covers, and as a layout artist for for a few months. On my free time, I put together prints of my own and collate them in microstock websites such as Shutterstock (


My tools of trade are my handy iPad with Procreate, and MacBook Pro with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

I also love theater, dance, music and coffee.

How can I help you? Hit me up below, or at

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Etsy   |

Let me know if you need anything:
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